Letters to the Editor

It’s a dirty shame

Watching the corrupt tabloid media, whether on TV or in the newspapers, it’s a dirty shame to see the people of America wiring the money the one world order billionaires destroy this country and just respect our laws and constitution. I see now Michael Flynn is under attack by the media and the corrupt Communist Party, a.k.a. Democrat Party, because Flynn pled the Fifth Amendment, yet Barack Obama’s people time and again, took the Fifth Amendment and not one of them was charged with obstructing Congress!

This attack on Donald Trump is not about Trump, as Trump is only the representative of the American people who were sent there to protect the Constitution and this great nation, that the Democrat a.k.a. Democrat Party and the Rogues in the Republican Party are trying to destroy! The money has owned or prostitutes in Congress for the last 80 to 100 years, and they do not want their train derailed and they’re very upset about that as their agenda has put on short hold while the attack Trump to destroy him to take back over read the people’s government. I have to agree with one thing Vladimir Putin said, and that was we have more prostitutes in our Congress than he has on the streets of Moscow. This is about our country’s people and our freedom and our children’s future; if we let this happen without any resistance our children will pay the price for our cowardice. God bless America!

Steve Kassa Jr., Edwardsville