Letters to the Editor

Obama tried to unite the country

On May 20 I was surprised to see that two of my fellow correspondents had submitted criticisms of previous opinions of mine. So as to not overburden current readers I will only attempt to reply to one of them and I have therefore selected Jim Macke. His detailed response had merit, was articulate and contained true facts.

Macke faults Barack Obama for failing to unite the country, as promised in his campaign rhetoric. Unfortunately, that is true but it is not because Obama failed to try. The Republicans, from day one, were dedicated in their determination not to cooperate with the new president. That attitude was fully expressed by Mitch McConnell’s statement Republicans would do all they could to ensure this was a one-term presidency.

Macke’s statement is also true that a portion of the drop in the unemployment rate has been because of the creation of many low skilled, low pay jobs. This is not a fault of Obama’s but of “globalization,” robotics and a failure of our education system to properly prepare youths for the high-skilled jobs available today. It is also a failure of many of those job seekers to have prepared themselves for the “good” jobs available that cannot be filled because of a lack of qualified candidates.

The huge increase in our national debt was caused by programs already in place when Obama came into office. The billions of dollars loaned out to avert a collapse of the financial system had been sought by President George W. Bush and it was just up to Obama to administer the programs.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon