Letters to the Editor

Another nail in the coffin for brick and mortar stores

What you see isn’t always what it seems.

We have all complained about jobs moving out of our country. I have been a big complainer. Then my hand smacked my forehead and I realized, there are many products that very few of us would have been able to afford to buy had the jobs manufacturing those products remained in the United States. Yes, the people who had jobs might be able to own a cell phone. But what if they were still made here?

How many flat screen televisions would families have if they were still made here? Our labor rates have always been some of the highest in the world, hence the reason so many third world countries were selected as the location for new factories.

And here is a new twist we must consider. Many people cannot find jobs other than working in retail as clerks or inventory management. But every purchase we make on the Internet is a nail in the coffin of those brick and mortar stores.

Advancements in technology have eliminated many jobs, but many products are made where the labor rates are low enough even unemployed people in this country can afford to buy them.

Now advancements in Internet technology and the ability to purchase online could bring another round in job losses for a group of people who have been heard to say, “college isn’t for everybody.”

If we close the stores where will they work? They can’t all work in fast food.

Brad Sewell, Collinsville