Letters to the Editor

We need our time-honored principle of post-election unity

Our nation is facing a true crisis.

Historically, our elections have often been vigorously contested. However, a fundamental national principle, which has been recognized and honored, is that, as a nation, all Americans were expected to set aside their differences to unite behind whomever won even our most contentious elections. Just as free elections have been a hallmark of our nation, post-election unity has also existed as a complementary hallmark of our heritage.

Our nation is in crisis because a large segment of our citizens have refused to embrace the principle of post-election unification. Instead of putting our collective differences aside to further our national interests during our newly elected president’s term in office, we see violent mob actions, inflammatory rhetoric, unjustified resistance and sheer belligerence.

There are many reasons for the circumstances we face. On the other hand, the defiance we have seen has not been denounced by those who lost the last election. Although Democrat pundits, commentators and elected representatives were very vocal in demanding unity after Barack Obama was elected in 2008, no Democrat official has denounced the current defiance which has been forthcoming from their constituents. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and Schumer have said nothing to discourage the defiance that boils within the midst of their ranks.

Our period of crisis may be reversed if high-ranking Democrat leaders denounce the belligerence of their constituents. If these leaders do not come forward to demand adherence to our time-honored national principle of post-election unity, God help us all.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville