Letters to the Editor

Proud to be a Southern Illinoisan

Being about half an idiot, I left one of my purchases in the cart at Menard’s as I loaded my car. It was not a cheap purchase, and I was sickened upon discovering its absence when I got home. No worries though, as I went back the next day, explained my issue, and was promptly and courteously directed to the customer assist counter where I was immediately reconnected with my item.

The courtesy and efficiency of the Menard’s folks was impressive, but even more impressive was the fact that someone intentionally grabbed my stuff out of the cart and made the effort to get it back to the store.

But why be so impressed? I know that southern Illinois folks are among the best there are, and I really shouldn’t have been so surprised. I’ll be more than glad to pay it forward, and I hope you will too. God bless whomever saved the day for me, and God bless you all. Not only proud to be an American, but also proud to be a southern Illinoisan!

Larry R. Thoeming, New Baden