Letters to the Editor

I believe he missed the point

Mr. Vail wrote a well thought out letter about the difference in tax rates for earned income versus investment income. But I believe he misses the point. Liberals seem to want to punish success versus reward it with more and more taxes. They also believe there is never enough money for government. Not for police services, schools, roads, jails, airports and nice to have federal programs. A Pew Research Study of IRS reports show that 51.6 percent of federal personal income tax revenue is paid by 2.7 percent of earners making over $250,000 annually. If you combine everyone making above $100,000 a year, they pay 79.4 percent of the federal personal income tax revenue. If you want to be fair, we need to reform our corporate tax structure to prevent off-shoring of foreign income and to look at how we fund social security since everyone pays the same percentage of income into the fund. Finally, all government agencies need to do like we do, cut expenses when income drops, stick to a budget and stop asking for more and more. It’s pretty bad that in my retirement life, my first and second highest expenses are federal income taxes followed by local property and sales taxes.

Phil Henning, Smithton