Letters to the Editor

The pen is mighty, but nothing will change without action

I used to write a lot. Now, not so much. It was always second place to writing to governmental officials or calling their offices to comment to their Congressional Liaison. The officials may read what I send or not, but the subordinates are charged with picking up trends and idea from constituents.

Someday more and more will understand why the concerns of Ted Farmer are never addressed. It scares me that Leon Anderson was a senior officer. But it also shows that military minds are also not always correct.

So realize that letters are better sent to elected officials, while at the same time recognizing that nothing will change as long as only 15-40 percent of us vote.

This is so important because we have to realize that all those who work for city, state and county government must vote. And then realize that alone may constitute 18 percent of the population all by itself.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville