Letters to the Editor

Any person of any color or gender can get a job if they act right

The statement “slavery today is welfare, rather than jobs” may be true. But if you had read my letter about the young black girl that worked with me for three years and the Navajo that got a job ‘cause they were out looking for a job and dressed and acted as if they wanted to work. Doing that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a job. Then doing the job, coming in on time and staying off your phone when being paid by a guy that would just as quick get rid of you as he hired you to work.

The guy you think is making so much money has put many years into building his business and is the guy that may work before you get there and after you leave.

So my bottom line is any person of any color and gender can get a job if you just want to act right and fellow the rules of the guy that is paying you.

So many times I see workers at places out of sight and grab their phone and be looking at it. Wasted time and then wonder why they are not moving up just out the door.

Do as I did, started my own business and see how much work it takes and then go from there. I have had all kinds of workers over the years; too many are just lazy wanting money. That young black girl was my best worker.

Rodney R. Ringgenberg, Belleville