Letters to the Editor

If the hood fits, wear it

Quite often there are pathetic attempts by white, racist, Christian conservatives to whitesplain to African-Americans how they should behave and live their lives. Advice from self-righteous people born on third base, in the game of life, is unwelcome and disingenuous to people not born so lucky. These yahoos have no idea of the daily struggles that black people have to endure in this mostly white and often racist country.

True racists are easily identified when: they blame African natives for selling their people into slavery; they complain about black people receiving preferential treatment; they point out that slavery ended in 1863. A racist is an ignorant person who believes he is superior to people of another race. If the hood fits, wear it.

A recent letter from a racist flag waver criticized Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) for refusing to be inducted into the draft for the Vietnam War. In 1960, Cassius Clay won an Olympic gold medal for the United States. When he went home to Louisville, Kentucky he was not allowed in certain restaurants because of his skin color. A slap in the face! Why should he participate in an unnecessary war for a country that denied him his rights?

If you still think the war was necessary, Google “Catholic Church and Vietnam War” for some enlightenment.

Sadly, most so-called Christian conservatives would like to take us back to those good ole days before the Civil Rights Act.

Gene Robke, Carlyle