Letters to the Editor

I know my choice

Can’t understand why President Donald Trump and his followers haven’t given in after applying rule No. 13 of rules for radicals, which in part says, “attack people, because people hurt faster than institutions.” Thus, they put signs in the front yards of people, and also on their church doors, using foul language and hateful about children. With the message, if you dare to speak or say who did this, we will turn your lives into a living hell, and potentially put you in prison.

Out in California, left wing activists targeted donors to Prop 8 ballot initiative. They combed through campaign finance records and put the names and addresses of those donors on a searchable map. Citizens on this list had their cars keyed and windows broken, their small businesses flash mobbed, and their voice mails and emails flooded with threats and insults.

Are all of us ready to stand for this attempt to silence those they don’t agree with us? “Live free or die” could be no clearer; which do you choose? I know my choice. Are you ready?

John Schrand, Belleville