Letters to the Editor

This president has some backbone

This trip to the Middle East and Europe has been a breath of fresh air after the prior administration.

Barack Obama was such a weenie (apologies to Anthony Weiner), bowing and scraping, as if we were a lesser nation. We’ve got a president with some backbone.

The press hasn’t found fictitious leakers to try to undermine him so far. The best they can do is a “hot mic” (what dunces the national media are).

I do hope that this administration is able to understand that the division among the several nations in the Middle East is a leftover from the British Empire that began to disintegrate over 70 years ago. None have since figured that out. So far.

We are fairly new to Highland, but we had no idea how corrupt it was. A zoning change was blasted through hundreds of people who protested it. A lot of money went under the table on this one. I think that there should be a lawsuit against this decision to ensue.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland