Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on art, state lawmakers, legal pot

From Russia with love

I attended the Marissa junior and senior high school graduation. Four excellent students earned the honor of valedictorian. The last speaker, Alexei, spoke of the blessing of being adopted from Russia. As he spoke with confidence, I noticed that there was not a dry eye in the gymnasium. He spoke about believing in prayer and how prayers are answered. I thank him for having the courage to speak about his journey and beliefs. You, young man, have such a bright future ahead of you.

Remember our police

Let’s take Memorial Day as an opportunity to reflect upon the differences between the military and the police. The military crosses the ocean to protect us from our enemies. The police protect us from our enemies outside our front doors. I think the police should also get recognition on Memorial Day and not just military discounts.

Real brain drain

The only budget plan the Madigan incompetents can come up with is to raise your state taxes 32 percent. Under Democrats, the state is broke, yet the Democratic incompetents want to give $4k per year to universities or community colleges if they promise to stay in Illinois after they graduate. The BND has written about the Illinois brain drain. Unfortunately, the real brain drain is in Springfield and in the Illinois voting booth. The Democrats are trying to buy student votes with money the state doesn’t have. When will the Democrats find someone smart enough to start cleaning up the fiscal mess they created? Madigan won’t do it. Guess Madigan and his incompetents want to make sure Illinois is the highest taxed state.

$15 wage, no budget

The Illinois Legislature can’t pass a budget, but they can pass a bill raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Madigan’s idiots strike again. Illinois is the No. 1 state for losing businesses and people. Enjoy the rising price of your hamburgers.

Others in the pool

The BND article on LaToya Greenwood seemed political. I say that because the East St. Louis mayor is getting paid for two other jobs and I don’t remember an article about that. I don’t think that the mayor is going to City Hall after she gets off a full-time job and does any work. Five thousand dollars a month is an exorbitant amount for a person to attend four or five meetings a month.

Greenwood’s claims

Latoya Greenwood claims that since taking office in the Illinois Legislature in January that she has worked “to lift up the middle class.” Can she give specifics on any legislation that she has initiated to do this? Greenwood also claims to “cut perks for lawmakers.” Again, could she be more specific on which perk cuts she has initiated, instituted or supported?

Legalize it

I’m sick of hearing about people being prosecuted for cannabis in this county. If Brendan Kelly is as social justice conscious as he claims to be, he should lead the way in fighting for legalization instead of ruining lives with criminal charges. Senate Bill 316 and House Bill 2353 need to pass to create jobs and income for Illinois.

Windshield wildlife

IDOT announced that they would no longer mow the grass farther than 15 feet along the roadway to help the monarch butterfly. Is it just me or is that like putting a dog’s food bowl next to the highway? Butterflies get smashed by cars pretty often.

Artistic flourishes

Congratulations to Art on the Square, and director Patty Gregory, for the phenomenal 16-year growth. The sense of community that continues to evolve and incentive-laden student participation is unrivaled. Belleville is an exemplary role model.

Beer bamboozle

Alderman Wigginton said that he was in constant contact with the Kellers over the Hofbräuhaus project. Why did we have to wait until reading Sunday’s BND to find out that this thing has no completion date? Mr. Wigginton, you’re trying to bamboozle us on this project as much as our mayor.

Another crash, burn

That fiasco of a hotel and German restaurant on Illinois 15 is never going to be completed. If you believe it is, you’re nutty. It’s a scam. Our crooked mayor and his crooks on the council have let the developers get away with murder. The city spent $2 million to run sewer lines out there. We gave them tax incentives and everything else. Do you remember the little deal out in Mascoutah called the MidAmerica Airport? Do you remember the money they spend on that like its a real airport? When our city and state goes bankrupt, maybe the voters will wake up and vote differently.

Due diligence

Can I get a show of hands of Belleville residents who are surprised at the glaring failure of the Hyatt Hotel and Hofbräuhaus? Once again, Mayor Eckert and his crew failed to look out for the people who elected them and threw our hard-earned tax dollars after a pipe dream. Anyone at City Hall ever hear of due diligence? Didn’t think so.

Who answers to whom?

I have no problem with Congressman Bost not having traditional town hall meetings as long as he has no problem with me no longer voting for him. How sad it is that politicians now dictate to voters what they want. I thought that they were supposed to answer to us.

Bost’s secrets

How does a voter get on the exclusive list to be invited to Congressman Bost’s secret so-called town hall meetings of 15-25 citizens? I’d like to hear what the congressman has to say but, apparently, he’s keeping all of the information secret.

Trump’s dislikes

Almost every day President Trump announces something else that he doesn’t like and is going to change. He doesn’t like anything. We have to read his tweets to figure out what he’s thinking. I don’t think he’s thinking anything except to take over the entire federal government. I think that this is a disaster for the United States.

Balancing Obama

President Trump’s budget has been published and listen to the liberals howl. All that newspapers report is that people are going to lose their insurance and how we will all have to be without it. Doesn’t anyone remember that the last administration added tens of thousands to the welfare rolls and nearly doubled the national debt with their giveaway programs? The massive giveaways of the Obama Administration need to stop. The proposed budget at least attempts to balance the government’s spending versus its revenue.

Blame Mozeliak

John Mozeliak is solely responsible for the floundering Cardinals. He has prematurely signed young players to long-term contracts rather than wait for performance. By doing so, he has reduced their trade value and taken away their edge. The woeful and unnecessary trade for Steve Cishek has hurt the team very badly. Mark Reynolds is still a better first baseman than anyone the Cardinals have on their roster. Of course his replacement, Matt Adams, was recently traded for a suspect minor league player.

Confederate censorship

The removal of statues and Confederate memorials is the worst kind of censorship. What’s next? The banning of certain books and movies? Will “Gone with the Wind” and “Roots” be destroyed because they might be offensive? Enjoy freedom while we have it.

Symbols of intolerance

In regards to the desecration of Confederate monuments, they say that they are symbols of intolerance. Is the Roman Coliseum a symbol of intolerance? I don’t know how you can blame the Civil War on any current circumstance.

Highland’s thin parade

The Memorial Day parade in Highland just finished. You couldn’t blink or you’d miss it. I think it lasted about five minutes. There was hardly anything to this parade — no bands or anything. It was sad. The Christmas parade, centered around a fictional character, lasts 15-20 minutes. The streets will be lined with people, too. I wish people would remember who we’re honoring on Memorial Day.

Attention, civilians

I watched President Trump lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns. They just played the “Star Spangled Banner.” The president had his hand over his heart and the generals were saluting. But the civilians were snapping pictures with their cell phones and they weren’t saluting. They were all just staring at the president. I’m retired Air Force and this is terrible.

Deceptive politicians

I hope to have a front row seat when some of these career, deceptive politicians are weeded out of Illinois. What a show that would be. They meddle and insult the President. They throw rocks at our America and say, “Let them work for their food stamps.” Yet they get everything for free. They receive deceptive advice from payroll wealthy lawyers. No need of voter’s approval to raise taxes.

Wasted opportunity

Thank you, St. Clair County Health Department, for the household hazardous collection day. It’s a shame St. Clair County doesn’t do a big trash pickup the same way — have it all in one area on the same day. I can’t understand why we have to call a board member, who we don’t even know, to have a collection. There’s stuff all over the streets.

More on Nashville

BND reporter Lexi Cortes left a few stones unturned in her article on Nashville High School’s teachers’ union versus the district’s current leadership. Seeking insightful opinions from students, parents, and taxpayers on this issue would have added valuable context to the discussion. Bottom line: What is the quality of the product (graduates) being generated by the school system?