Letters to the Editor

Thank soldiers’ wives, WWII women for their service too

I took notice of a recent (February) obituary for someone I had never met but would have been proud to have. Blanche Cobb was not only a member of the Greatest Generation, she also represents those women who chose to go to the front during World War II when they had no obligation to place themselves in harms way. She, like many other patriotic women, stepped up to do their part in any way they could: she as a nurse. Like the men many of them did not come home. Cobb and her team were in the heat of some of the most horrendous battles in Europe with enormous casualties. Due to their efforts and other teams like theirs, there are untold numbers of families today who would not be if it were not for them. I often wonder why these great women have not received the appreciation they so rightly deserve for their efforts during the war. Almost every item a soldier, sailor or airman touched at sea or on the front was made possible by women at home; that includes our allies. This country would have collapsed if it were not for the courageous women who kept the factories and farms going. So the next time you meet a World War II veteran and you tell him “thank for your service” extend that to his wife as well and to any women of that era. Thank you, Blanche, and all of those women of your time. I’m sure you and those who have gone before you have been met with open arms.

Bob Poole, retired Navy, Fairview Heights