Letters to the Editor

Cell phone usage can affect public, personal safety

I would like to supplement comments by a Sound-Off caller in the May 8 edition of Belleville News-Democrat concerning cell phone addicts.

Personally, I have found cell phone addicts very frustrating and irritating while driving behind them. They can create traffic hazards. In places where cell phone addicts get tickets and fines for texting while driving, they most certainly get what they deserve.

I would like to add a bit of information concerning all cell phone usage and public and personal safety. Recently, a man in Lorain, Ohio, was hit and killed by a train while talking on a cell phone. The train’s engineer sounded the horn and applied emergency brakes, but was not able to stop the train in time.

Days gone by when we did not have cell phones is one thing about how life in times past was better.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon