Letters to the Editor

If you didn’t vote, you only have yourself to blame

In reading letters sent to the BND, I try not to respond directly to specific writers but feel compelled to do so today. Lee Pitzer, I quote you, “The Republicans, from day one, were dedicated in their determination not to cooperate with the new president.”

This was referring to the start of the Obama administration. I don’t recall Republicans wearing body parts on their heads or staging protests to the degree it occurred in January 2017. Never has there been such an outright attack during “the honeymoon period.” And now along comes Kathy Griffin beheading Donald Trump. Had such an attack been suggested for Barry, no one would have let it rest.

I will never praise Trump as being the perfect man. In the field of offerings in the fall of 2016, America spoke of their choice. If you did not vote, you should have no one to blame but yourself. If you did vote another choice, it sometimes does not go the way the press predicts!

Margaret Godwin Bergmark, Lebanon