Letters to the Editor

FOX needs to do better

Fox News Network is going down the drain and fast. My primary source of unbiased news has now turned into a bunch of talking heads. The only shows that still retain some semblance of real news are the weekend shows of Watter’s World and The Greg Gutfeld show. These two shows stand on top because they talk with average people who can understand the working man, and not just other political/journalistic puppets who regurgitate the same old grievances. I have looked at other stations as well, and besides the news covered by Mark Levine and Rush on the radio, all the other channels I can fairly assess as having the mentality of a child with no father to tell them right from wrong. Only truth matters, and they can’t even get that right.

Earlier this week, there were meant to be three separate special reports on the president’s talks in Saudi Arabia and Israel. Instead it was overshadowed by countless hours of the bombing in Manchester. Now, my prayers go out to the victims and families who were affected by the horrific event, but by not covering the peace talks that our president is making, only propagates the damage that the terrorist inflicted. I didn’t need hours of hearing that a bomb went off; I needed coverage of the powerful forces that are coming together in order to do something about it. Fox needs to do better.

Spencer X. Burkart, Edwardsville