Letters to the Editor

Sound-off claim is a mystery

I am responding to a recent letter published in the Sound-off column stating that Mount Carmel Cemetery is an absolute mess and suggesting the staff is either lazy or incompetent. I find these statements to be totally contrary to what I have witnessed over the past 30-plus years.

Many of my friends and relatives are among the 32,000 laid to rest at Mount Carmel. In all my trips to this cemetery, I have never seen the graves disrespected. The employees are an amazing group of men who work tirelessly tending the graves with great dignity and reverence. I have watched them work. It is obvious to me that they view their work as their mission – not a job. How anyone could describe this cemetery as “an absolute mess” is a mystery to me.

Probably the most puzzled by this description is Joe Hubbard, the cemetery director. It is not possible to find a more caring individual. His life has been devoted to his faith and life in all its stages. His biographer described him as “a man of quiet greatness.” Those who know Joe, know he is fervent in performing all the Corporal Works of Mercy. It is not conceivable the cemetery would be a mess on his watch.

Donna Dougherty, Belleville