Letters to the Editor

Danger of authoritarian regime was higher under Obama administration

The May 28 BND included letters written by two of your most prolific letter writers, Cols (Ret) Malec and Pitzer. So I thought perhaps another retired one should chime in.

The subject of Malec’s letter was something we all should be thinking about but probably don’t. He discusses in detail why Congress should stay out of the investigating area and concentrate on representing their constituents.

In Pitzer’s, he worries about the U.S. sliding into authoritarianism. Last time I checked, President Donald Trump not releasing his tax returns is not against the law. It’s also a stretch using the examples of emasculating libel laws and changing the press briefing format to show we are descending into a dictatorship or authoritarianism.

Was he worried about our country, under Barack Obama, when the IRS, under Lois Lerner, refused to grant appropriate tax status to conservative groups? Sure sounds like repressing opposing views, like the Left’s shouting down college speakers silencing the opposition.

How about making the Justice Department a political arm of the government. Lerner got away with her actions and AG Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton while his wife is under investigation. Sounds like taking care of your own.

Finally, the surveillance of Americans and the unmasking of private citizens: These are definitively principals of an authoritarian government and all under President Obama’s watch.

The danger of an authoritarian regime was greater under the previous administration than the current one. But under Obama, the media was compliant and underplayed these situations.

Constantine Evgenides, Retired United States Air Force Colonel, O’Fallon