Letters to the Editor

Latest waste of taxpayer money

I feel sorry for the people of East St. Louis. East St. Louis can ill afford wasting even one dollar. Yet the BND article points out LaToya Greenwood is just another example of what’s wrong with East St. Louis Democratic politics. The St. Clair County taxpayers should be sickened by this latest waste of their taxpayer money. Greenwood is claiming three paychecks for $176,236 but isn’t required to show up for work at any of her three jobs. The facts are, she doesn’t. Given the failing state of the School District 189, Greenwood obviously didn’t do a good job as a full-time human resource director. Now she’s working part-time at full salary. Think she can handle being a state representative? Greenwood doesn’t even bother to show up for her East St. Louis councilwoman meetings.

Recently, Hamilton Dean was sentenced for stealing tens of thousands from the people of East St. Louis. Dean’s corruption issues were the latest in a long list of East St. Louis officials being arrested on corruption charges. They were all good Democrats, who said they had the voters’ interests in their heart while pocketing the taxpayer’s money.

LaToya Greenwood needs to decide which master she will serve. I’m sure LaToya will choose Mike Madigan as her master. After all, being a State Representative is where the real gravy train is. See if you can do one job well, LaToya, instead of three jobs poorly!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon