Letters to the Editor

Remove the bumper stickers from public property

At election time it’s common to see politicians putting up signs on every corner. And in most cases they promptly take them down after the election.

In Caseyville Township, one politician thinks it is okay to put bumper stickers all over the place and just leave them there. I’m referencing the bumper stickers of David Jacknewitz who was recently elected Caseyville Township Clerk. His “Jacknewitz” bumper stickers are on traffic signal posts, transformers, guardrails, and other structures on public right-of-way. In my opinion this is nothing short of littering and defacing public infrastructure.

I have reached out to David to ask him why he does this, and he tells me his supporters do it and he has told them only to put them on their cars. I urge residents in Caseyville Township to call David Jacknewitz at 618-398-6248 and ask him to go out and remove his bumper stickers. They are unsightly and I’m also guessing they are illegal.

Terry Johnson, Caseyville