Letters to the Editor

I have news for you

Wow. Most of the nation just came out of a rather severe drought. You folks claim it has been getting warmer for a long time. What held back all that rain?

You can predict almost anything and be right in some part of the country or in the world for that matter. You will verify. You hibernate when we get periods of brutal cold. Silence!

Weather and so-called global warming due to activity of mankind is simply a hoax. The great ice age which carved out the Great Lakes happened when few were here to cause this catastrophic event.

Sure 80 percent of the energy produced on earth still burns coal.

But I have news for you. The sun controls our weather. Are you planning to regulate that too? Only the Son can do that!

Yes, you can put a tax on carbon and you will kill jobs and no American would ever see a dime of that money. The government would spend it first!

William J. Sturm, O’Fallon