Letters to the Editor

Enough is enough

Unbelievable! That was my reaction when I got a bill from the state of Illinois for underpayment of my 2016 taxes. The bill was correct. I had erred and owed the money. The problem was that the bill was for $1. I know the state is desperate for money, but it is flat-out ridiculous to send a bill for $1. The cost of postage, envelope, printing the form, processing, mailing recording the payment, and then depositing my check has to be many times that amount. Whoever is in charge of the Department of Revenue must have checked his/her common sense at the door and said to the receptionist, “I’ll pick it up when I leave office.”

Speaking of taxes, my St. Clair County property taxes increased almost 9 percent from 2015-2016 while the cost of living went up .3 percent. My property taxes increased over 22 percent since 2010 when the cost of living increased 8.8 percent. And since I first occupied the house in 2000, my taxes have increased by over 67 percent. The cost of living increase during that time? 33 percent.

The greatest minds in the taxing bodies have increased the combined taxes over twice the increase in the cost of living. What is wrong with this picture? The same thing that is wrong with legislators in Springfield wanting to balance the budget by increasing taxes.

Enough is enough. Is it any wonder people (at least those with whom I have contact) are fed up with government?

Ken Williams, Swansea