Letters to the Editor

Stop far left progressives who are adopting violence

Far left progressives are adopting violence; a new normal for liberal loons no longer satisfied to burn our flag, protect criminals and politicize our courts. Students brainwashed by anti-American professors are encouraged to assault, burn and destroy on college campuses to silence conservative speakers. They violate the First and Fourth Amendment of our Constitution that protects speech, religion, assembly and personal safety. Prior to Barack Obama’s lawless years, “student” rioters would face expulsion, arrest and prosecution. We must demand the elimination of all tax subsidies to colleges where radical professors poison the minds of our youth with leftist propaganda.

Supporting violence, liberal Democrat Kathy Griffin was recently photographed holding a mock bloody severed head of Donald Trump. This is modern liberalism in the Democrat Party. No longer your grandfather’s Democrat Party, it is morphing into a toxic brew of fascism, communism, socialism, Islamism and globalism all compatible and supported by the religion of liberalism. Liberals threaten our sovereignty as a nation and the future peace and prosperity of our children with a mountain of public debt created by their waste and corruption.

President Trump is taking action to reverse the suicidal course set by the Obama administration to transform America into a socialist state. The entire liberal establishment has responded with irrational behavior, frantically inventing false charges against the president and attacking his every word and action. Thankfully, the president is calling out and exposing the evil intent of these leftist fanatics while working to save America.

Ron Davinroy, O’Fallon