Letters to the Editor

This madness cannot continue

Standard and Poors and Moody’s just rated Illinois’ “junk bond” status, which will raise the interest we pay on bonds and likely reduce the lending pool. Thanks to the Democrats for wasting time passing trampoline safety bills, naming a state whatever and flex gender birth certificates. That’ll solve our budget problems. Speaker Mike Madigan and his supporters have not negotiated in earnest despite the state Senate working on some compromises to start the discussion. So state workers and vendors, the elderly who need assistance, schools and police, if we continue down this road we may be headed into default and the pension fund may go kaput. Everyone I speak to is beyond mad about our property taxes and school executive retirement amounts. I agree with David Vail, this madness cannot continue. No phony baloney deals; get in there, meet with the governor and make the cuts and pass a damn balanced budget. We won’t forget next election cycle.

Phil Henning, Smithton