Letters to the Editor

Holding more than one taxpayer-supported position is pure greed

As far as public officials continuing to hold jobs that are taxpayer supported, I feel they should leave one or two of the jobs and serve in the public job to truly earn the salary and address issues. For LaToya Greenwood and Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks to hold two or more taxpayer-supported positions is wrong and pure greed. I feel that both should give up the other jobs, as in Greenwood’s case she has three and should have relinquished the city council position and school district position, because as state rep, these could present conflicts of interest when she is voting on funding and bills that affects both the city and school district. It is time to show residents that they both are serious and not lip service on what they are trying to do. Greenwood will not be effective at all as state rep, and maybe I should run against her in the next election!

Percy Harris, East St. Louis

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