Letters to the Editor

Removing Confederate statues doesn’t erase history

We have a ton of nitwits across America hollering that they are offended or bothered about Civil War and Confederate statues, memorials and flags, and they want them destroyed. We also have a ton of gutless politicians that fall in line and do it. These objects are history, and these nuts should know even when they are gone, history lives on.

A lot of us have been offended by Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, the pervert Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby and the writings of Leonard Pitts Jr., but destroying their images because they are and were troublemakers wouldn’t change the fact they were here. History is etched in stone, and you’re kidding yourself if you think you changed anything.

There isn’t a black or white alive today that was a slave or slave owner. The blacks think the whites owe them something for something beyond their control. Why can’t the blacks realize that blacks and whites of present time had nothing to do with the past and try to get along?

We have been appeasing blacks for ages, but it doesn’t do any good. Give in to what they want tonight and it’s something different in the morning. I like a lot of people are willing to get along, but I owe nothing and I’m not paying anything. All these demonstrations are is an excuse to damage, tear up and steal. Enough is enough. Get real and be a responsible adult.

Hillary beat Hillary. God bless America.

Terry Hunt, Trenton