Letters to the Editor

Politics has become the new Jerry Springer Show

When did integrity, honesty and service stop being things we admire and strive for? When did gridlock and self-interest take the center stage? When did lying to constituents about other legislators or the other party become something that we accepted as just part of the game of politics? Somewhere along the road to where we are now, we as a people, decided that we just had to accept behaviors from politicians that would not be acceptable anywhere else in our lives. Politics has become the new Jerry Springer Show. The dirtier the better, it seems. Humility, honesty and working for the greater good have left the building. It has become the worst of us, the least of us, and has downgraded us to levels never seen before. It is so widespread and ugly that no party is above it. I now am neither Democrat nor Republican, as neither of these parties represents anything that I admire. Both have become not something of the people, but something of themselves. They are their own entity without regard for anyone or anything outside of themselves. We the people are the only ones who can change this!

Lynn Jarman, Belleville