Letters to the Editor

Tackle global poverty for a better tomorrow

Global poverty is an important issue that is not taken seriously as it is not in the forefront of the recent media frenzy gripping our nation.

Issues such as crime, unemployment and the high cost of living preoccupy us to an extent that global poverty takes a back seat. Yet the solution to mitigate global poverty and the issues gripping our country may intersect in very intimate ways.

Global poverty is an issue the U.S. cannot ignore as its fate and the world’s are intertwined. History shows that when countries emerge from poverty, U.S. profits the most as the jobs generated to supply goods to emerging economies generates home based micro and macro economies. Generating top paying jobs by supplying goods and services to emerging markets benefits all.

As an example, Germany, which is a top-trading partner with the U.S., was once a recipient of foreign aid post world war. There are many such examples ranging from economies of Southeast Asia to South America. Countries that make it out of the cycle of poverty lift the economy of US. It should be incumbent on all of us to closely look at global issues and mitigate global poverty.

Batul Dalal, Edwardsville