Letters to the Editor

Justice for dead 6-year-old found in garage

A horrific tragedy has been reported in the BND of a 6-year-old girl found decaying in a garage. As unimaginable as this is and emotionally crippling this would be to those who loved her, now we have to listen to the despicable and idiotic statements from the so-called parents. Their stories keep changing and each tries to throw the other under the bus. The latest statement is that the little angel choked on a piece of steak and they tried to revive her for, get this, an hour. No one called 911. For an hour! Obviously one of them killed the girl, for what reason we can only have nightmares about, and tried to conceal the crime. We demand the justice system do its job in this case and bring these people to their knees like that little darling must have done. If my rage is clouding my comments forgive me.

Hugh Hadfield, Fairview Heights