Letters to the Editor

Bost voted for a sham

It’s obvious why Rep. Mike Bost doesn’t want to hold any town hall meetings. The health care plan for which he voted is a disaster.

If it were not, AARP, medical associations, religious groups, and the CBO — all of which have examined it — would not have panned it, assessing that it would cut healthcare for 23 million people (38,000 of them in Bost’s Congressional district); assessing that premiums would rise enormously for older people; assessing that states would be able to allow companies to offer inexpensive plans excluding some of the most basic services and conditions covered under the ACA; and assessing that Medicaid would be cut by over $800 billion, and that people with disabilities, the elderly, and veterans on Medicaid would lose benefits.

The plan doesn’t address the two major goals Bost stated he wants to achieve — the increase of competitive providers, and the reduction of premiums. (If Bost wanted to achieve those goals, he could support a plan allowing people to buy into Medicare.)

But the plan he voted for does reduce billions in taxes for the very wealthy.

Of course Bost doesn’t want to face some of the tens of thousands of his constituents who stand to lose coverage should his plan become law.

The problem is that he voted for a plan that is a sham. People will die if it becomes law. And thus the plan is immoral. He can’t defend such a plan to his constituents.

John Hilgeman, Belleville