Letters to the Editor

A few choice words for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton keeps barking like a junkyard dog to anyone who will listen that it was everyone’s fault but her own that she blew the election, again. Everyone that I know who voted for Donald Trump, myself included, did so based on the issues. Not to mention the fact that she is a world-class liar. Trump was the far superior candidate. Trump told us without political correctness, and without lawyer doubletalk, what America needed to be great once again, and how he would accomplish it. The Russians didn’t tell me or anyone else how to vote.

That political slime disguised in a pantsuit just can’t fathom that she was outworked, out-issued and out-campaigned by a non-politician. She blames her political death on Russia, the FBI, WikiLeaks, sexism, the media, vote suppression, John Podesta, talk radio, and yes, even community organizer Barack Obama. Really?

I seriously doubt the blamer in chief would ever stoop so low as to read a small town newspaper like the BND. But on the off chance that miracle happens ... Hillary: you’re a pathetic embarrassment, your sleazeball husband is worse than you are, and you’re party is worse than the two of you put together. So shut the hell up, crawl in a hole with your dirtbag spouse, and stay there.

Gary Like, Highland