Letters to the Editor

Sleeping with the enemy

Yes, sleeping with the enemy. Donald Trump and the Russians are in bed together as indicated by various, very reliable sources, although both these bed partners deny their torrid affair.

However, during Trump’s campaign for the presidency he divulged his intentions and promises to the American public, and American bought it, hook, line and sinker. But America was unaware that Trump was and is one of the biggest liars in the country and also in bed with the enemy (Russia). Now that America is finally aware that he is in bed with Russia, America is now attempting to take the cover off their love affair.

In retrospect, America knew what Trump was and is all about, yet he was elected president by the American people. Now just what does that say about this country?

Take a good, long look at yourself, America. Then possibly you may realize how you have lied to yourself. You have justified this and justified that. You have changed the rule to fit your purpose. You have made unjustified allowances.

Can one imagine that by some miracle this pompous, irrational man completes his term as president (hopefully he doesn’t) the condition of this country? (Please give it a thought.)

In closing: Shattered hopes and dreams of those ardent, innocent and not so innocent victims of King Trump.

William C. Currie, Centreville