Letters to the Editor

It’s not possible to drain the swamp

“Drain the Swamp” is a very popular catch sentence. The swamp is a political circumstance in which political partisanship causes the Washington establishment to become mired in a noxious environment of gridlock and stonewalling. Blaming each other for the inaction causes even more inaction.

The swamp is not created or perpetuated by the president or the Supreme Court. The gridlock is created by the partisanship of the United States House of Representatives and the Senate. The conflict between the Republicans and Democrats is exacerbated by refusal to compromise. The snakes, mosquitos and leeches in the swamp are the lobbyists and lawyers who cajole the Congress to do their bidding in the name of so-called American values.

It is not possible to drain this swamp. A better identification of the vermin who inhabit this swamp is a good first step. The two-party system is inadequate for any work to be accomplished. American flag pins are inadequate identification. A pin identifying political ideology would be more useful. All lobbyists should be required to wear an “L” pin.

The political party system should be revised to include at least four party designations. Every member of Congress should be required to identify their party designation by wearing a clearly marked pin. To this end I propose the establishment of the following parties:

Socialist Liberal Democrats (SLD)

Moderate Democrats (MD)

Obstructionist Republicans (OR)

Moderate Republicans (MR)

David J. Busse, Maryville