Letters to the Editor

Trump shows evidence of authoritarianism

On June 6, 1944, the Western World stood tall and began the final defeat of evil. Today, Germany is now, by our recent default, leader of the Western World. However, Col. Constantine Evgenides made a feeble attempt to charge President Barack Obama with an authoritarianism, which exceeded that evidenced by Donald Trump.

Evgenides endeavors to justify this authoritarian fantasy by citing examples of errors/wrongs performed by minions of Obama’s administration. Evgenides assumes Obama, or any president, must accept complete responsibility for the misdoings of all members of the federal bureaucracy. Such a concept is theoretical but not practical. There were times when Obama appeared to act in an arbitrary way, but the justification was that he was attempting to achieve legitimate goals in the face of

Republican intransigence and obstructionism.

When we turn to the writings and statements of President Trump, we have direct and frequent examples of a strong desire that the checks and balances of our democracy are nuisances to achieving his flawed and arbitrary goals. His most recent decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords on Climate Change was done just because he could. He has expressed disrespect of our courts, questioned the electoral process, denigrated the intelligence community, and disparaged the media because of their criticism of him.

While campaigning he voiced harsh disapproval of our generals, stated he would order our military to commit war crimes, and advocated jailing his opponent. He continues to act in an arbitrary and capricious way, all evidence of authoritarianism.

Lee R. Pitzer, O‘Fallon