Letters to the Editor

Today’s journalism and science is worthless and laughable

Read article in the BND May 28 from Deborah Netburn of the LA Times, titled “Not losing sleep over global warming yet? Just wait.” The writer covered research (as they call it) by Post Doc student Nick Obradovich studying at Harvard Kennedy School. The summary of this cutting-edge research was that 1) People get less sleep at night if it’s hot 2) People getter better sleep when it’s cool. 3) Global warming is going to raise nighttime temperatures resulting in 4) People will be getting even less sleep. Followed by 5) People who make less than $50,000 a year (I guess considered disadvantaged economically) will get less sleep than those wealthier since they can’t afford air conditioning or can’t afford the higher electricity bill. So, we have a piece of research that is about elementary school level tied in with global warming and inequality of outcomes of sleep (class warfare/social justice). I think Mr. Obradovich, who must be a millennial, could have saved himself some time by asking just about any person in the world, “Do you sleep better when it’s cooler or hotter?” Duh! And this coming from a Post-Doctoral student at a supposedly prestigious school of science. Manmade global warming is not proven. Everyone with a brain knows you don’t sleep well in the heat. What guilt are we Americans supposed to have who can afford air conditioning? Sadly, this is today’s level of journalism and science defined down to worthless and laughable.

Brent Rains, Collinsville