Letters to the Editor

Trump is making U.S. the laughingstock of the world

After Donald Trump stupidly revealed Israel to be the source of secret intelligence, he revealed highly classified information to the Russians in the White House. This could lead to lives being lost.

During our liar-in-chief’s disastrous nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe he managed to embarrass the U.S. and create distrust of America with England, France, Germany and Israel.

In Saudi Arabia, he bowed to the Saudi King and failed to mention “radical Islamic terrorism,” after criticizing Barack Obama for not mentioning it. When he arrived in Israel, the doofus ignorantly said, “We just came in from the Middle East.”

He lied to the new French president about supporting him during the elections. He then tried his aggressive bully handshake on Emmanuel Macron, but Macron turned Trump’s yank-and-pull tactic against him. The word is out about Trump’s bully handshake.

In Italy, he pushed Montenegro’s Prime Minister out of his way for a front-row photo shoot. He then refused to walk with the leaders of other nations, while riding in a golf cart and was late for another photo shoot.

He made an embarrassing NATO speech that was met with snickers and eye rolls.

He aimlessly wandered off during a meeting with Benjamin Netenyahu, like he was suffering a mental breakdown. His aides had to retrieve him.

Delusional Trump possesses no Christian values and is making the U.S. the laughingstock of the world.

Gene Robke, Carlyle