Letters to the Editor

What have the Republicans done for you lately?

Ms. Lori Felts vainly attempts to cast the Republicans as the party of cooperation during the Obama administration. Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt. Also, I did not imply every other Republican said what Mitch McConnell stated about a one-term president, but they took their lead and direction from him.

Felts then charges me with blaming G.W. Bush with the debt, and I have never said that. I have stated that when the economy was on the verge of collapsing in 2008, President Bush put in place massive programs to save the economy and that it was Barack Obama’s chore to implement those very expensive policies. As a consequence, Obama was burdened with the blame for a big part of the huge increase in the debt. The federal debt has also increased because of programs and entitlements that had been passed years ago by previous administrations. The government safety nets we have for those less fortunate, who need help, can be tightened and better implemented to insure they are not abused, but we need those programs.

If Felts is a senior citizen then she undoubtedly benefits from Social Security and Medicare, two programs passed by Democratic presidents and Democratic Congresses, over fierce Republican opposition. What have the Republicans done for you lately?

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon