Letters to the Editor

Scott AFB airshow renewed my sense of patriotism

Last Saturday, I was having a conversation with some folks about the absence of the American flag on Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, etc. It seems to me that when I was growing up if you didn’t display the flag on these special days you were the oddball. Through the years, flag displays have sort of waned to the point that now if you fly the flag in your neighborhood, you are the exception. What does this mean: are we less patriotic, do we care, or do we not take time to bother? Or, are our patriotic viewpoints being drowned out by nasty politics?

Just when I thought I would need to start a crusade for the revival of patriotism, I had the honor of attending the Air Show at Scott AFB on Sunday. My thoughts on the lack of flags and deterioration of patriotism were instantly renewed. To watch the air show, remember our heroes in various wars of the past, and to be captivated by the performance of the USAF Thunderbirds was real therapy – all of these things restore our patriotism and faith in country. Congratulations and a big thank you to the leadership, troops at Scott AFB, communities, and organizations for a superb air show and continuing 100th anniversary celebration of Scott. We’re so blessed and fortunate to have the folks at Scott serving their country 24/7, plus going above and beyond for this celebration. The word “teamwork” was exemplified.

Mayor Jerry Daugherty, Mascoutah