Letters to the Editor

When will civility prevail?

What does it take to change political discourse in this nation? We have individuals within the entertainment industry talking of “blowing up” the White House, an alleged comedian displaying a fake cut-off head in her hand, in a photo shoot, depicting the current President of the United States. Within a “Shakespeare in the Park,” in New York City, Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” has the current President of the United State depicted as Caesar, stabbed to death, all proclaimed as “freedom of expression,” under the Constitution.

In the political divide within this nation, we have one political party proclaiming that the opposition party, because of their ideological position on the size and scope of federalism, States power on social issues (as outlined in the Constitution & the 10th Amendment), they want dirty air and water and the poor, sick and elderly to die. Such a policy position, as outlined under the Constitution, will create the extreme catastrophic results to this nation’s populace. Words have meaning. The process of amending the Constitution is ignored. On progressive/socialist college campuses, conservative viewpoints are protested via violence. Conservatives First Amendment rights denied.

Now, we have Republican representatives, practicing for a benefit baseball game, shot by a local of this area, because of their political views. Because of his politically ideological views, the rhetoric we see from progressive/socialist, their message, echoed by the mainstream media, may have contributed to this individual, to cross the line, as to what is sane.

When will civility prevail?

Russell C. Fette, Collinsville