Letters to the Editor

Trump’s Twitter use should be applauded

President Donald Trump is criticized for using Twitter. His motive for using it is largely ignored by the fake news media; it’s to sidestep them. It’s proven daily that you cannot trust your source of news to these out of control haters. As President Trump said, if he had trusted the media to get his message out to the American people he wouldn’t have won the White House.

Using Twitter is like sending a text message to your buddies; only President Trump has tens of millions of buddies. I look forward to my friend in the White House letting me know the truth without the warped filters of the corrupt media outlets. This personal level of staying in touch with Americans should be applauded. I for one look forward to the president himself keeping me informed. What do you think is most accurate, what you said, or what someone else said you said? Duh.

Gary Like, Highland