Letters to the Editor

We have set ourselves up to fail

I am fascinated by retired Air Force personnel who always feel they need to tell their top rank or duties, as though that makes their comments more valid. It doesn’t.

But for an American public that forgets history or edits it as they choose to remember, they are deluded by it. To really comprehend why we are now at this time and place, it’s actually necessary to step back and start at how it began.

All the wars we have fought since World War II have all been only resumptions of issues held in suspense while we breed more young people ready to accept killing of themselves and others in the name of America.

The wars with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and interventions in the wars of others have been hypocritically assigned to other reasons.

This has allowed us to continue the Military-Industrial complex, which brings wealth to armament companies and their customers worldwide.

In reality we create jobs by going to war with the same country: China.

We are now addicted. We have sold out our American companies by buying cheaper from Chinese rulers who control the labor with force. We keep doing this while the politicians and the military continue to fight one other country for world power: China.

By doing this, we have set ourselves up to fail because China has slowly been buying us by buying our companies on the stock market.

So enjoy your investments, our decedents will pay for it. Africa’s next.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville