Letters to the Editor

Every life is precious

I am looking at precious pictures my father took as his children were growing up. I am looking especially at one in which my little brother, then six years old perhaps, was sitting in a living room chair and cradling my youngest sister who was asleep in his arms. My mother had always taught each of her children to support the heads of our younger siblings as we were entrusted with the responsibility and blessing of holding the younger ones.

In the present time, of course, I must be aware that tragically, because of a decision by judges, in our country the sacredness and preciousness of a child are no longer seen as inviolate. Young people growing up today and in the past four and on-half decades have been under the scandalous influence of the thinking of Roe v. Wade. Every young person should be able to grow up to know that life is the most precious gift we have received from our Creator. No one should be condemned for falling victim to the pernicious thinking of our law and the present culture, but we must change the law and the culture.

Greg Voss, Belleville