Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on congressional shooter, Hofbräuhaus, taxes

Left incites violence

There was a shooter at the Congressional ballgame practice. The Republican team was attacked by a gunman. With all of the demostrations, hate and vile comments, Kathy Griffin holding up the bloodied head of Donald Trump, all of the liberal media, maybe it is the left that has been inflaming violence. Maybe we should do something about that.

Gunman exposes Left

Fortunately, the congressman, police and others who were shot by this democratic St. Clair county wack-job seem like they’re going to recover. Hopefully, people will see what happens when people like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and their ilk get elected and run this country.

China coal pollutes

Paul Neff’s letter to the editor chastised Rep. John Shimkus for backing the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change agreement. Paul, the agreement allows China and India to continue building coal power plants until 2030. China’s building one a month, so how does that help curb CO2? Remember the air pollution when China hosted the Olympics? The agreement would have the U.S. paying billions to other countries. That’s why the other countries are upset. Their U.S. gravy train just ran out of gravy. The U.S. is the leader in clean technology and will continue to be for the future. Lastly, the Senate would never have approved Obama’s useless, unenforceable treaty. Keep our tax dollars at home.

AHCA is a burden

On May 4, 2017, the House of Representatives passed the American Healthcare Act that included an age tax for older Americans aged 50-64. Financially, it will be a burden. When is enough, enough?

Blame Democrats for taxes

Every day I read letters to the editor in the BND that are screaming about tax bills going up and all of the issues in our bankrupt state. When will people stop voting along political party lines and vote for the people who will fight for you? The Democrats are strangling this county. Republicans didn’t vote for the tax increases. The Democrats control this state. So, who is making your taxes go up?

Don’t print Pitts

Why does the Belleville News-Democrat print Leonard Pitts Jr.’s articles in the paper? He is a racist and has a chip on his shoulder. Pitts Jr. expects President Trump to repair in six months the damage that Obama wrought on America in eight years. Trump is not an elegant talker but he does tell the truth. He does need to take a course in public speaking or communication.

Hoffman’s mirror

The most outrageous thing I’ve seen so far this year is Jay Hoffman telling us that the budget crisis hurts “real people.” Who hasn’t passed a budget for three years? Who has the pension system upside down? Who do they think has control of the House and the Senate in Illinois? Who has blocked everything that the governor has tried to do? This is a travesty that these people are telling us that the budget impasses are causing problems. Why haven’t these corrupt and crooked Democrats done anything to fix it?

Trump truth

I watched James Comey this morning and I believed every word that came out of his mouth. Then President Trump had his lawyer call him a liar. Trump is a habitual liar himself. They should impeach him. He wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if it was staring him in the face.

People before party

Not once has any network or cable station even mentioned the fact that Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Lynch on a tarmac in Arizona and that James Comey never got a phone call or meeting with Lynch. He told him to back off the investigation of Hillary and her emails. No democratic congressman or senator brought this up. I wonder why this is. What a bunch of cowardly hypocrites that we have running this country. We have got to drain the swamp and get people in there who put America first, not their party or re-election.

Welfare politicians

Congress is going to take a month off in August? It must be nice. They gripe about American welfare and people getting food stamps. I call career politicians welfare politicians.

BND exposes DUIs

Thanks to the BND, the citizens of Mascoutah learned that Cody Hawkins, city manager, was recently charged with three alcohol related incidents, for which there should be no excuses. Yet, no public acknowledgment has been made by Mayor Daugherty, members of the City Council, nor Greg Hoskins, owner and editor of the Mascoutah Herald. Let’s have some transparency, please.

East St. Louis help

About Bishop Braxton practicing what he preaches, since when is it the bishop’s or anybody’s responsibility to house black people in Cairo? There are so many boarded up and abandoned houses in East St. Louis. Perhaps, everyone who is being displaced could rehab some of those houses. I understand that they don’t have a lot of money. Maybe our outstanding East St. Louis politicians could help.

Illinois trauma care

Eventually, I think the cities in Illinois are going to look like the abandoned cities in Detroit. I see no hope for us unless changes are made quickly. We can’t be the most insolvent state and expect the debt to evaporate. The manufacturing in our area is gone forever. The local newspapers will close down. Something has to be done quickly.

MetroLink guard fitness

I went to the MetroLink station in Swansea and they had a guard on duty. But, he tipped the scales at 280 plus. I’ve seen this numerous times. If somebody needed assistance anywhere on that platform, more than 20 feet from him, he couldn’t do anything about it. Get some fit people out there, MetroLink, or you’re going to lose riders left and right.

Revising history

I believe the removal of the Confederate monument in St. Louis is going to open a can of worms. I did a Wikipedia search of “presidents of the United States who owned slaves.” There were 12 presidents who owned in total more than 1,100 slaves, with George Washington owning 317 slaves. Are we going to eliminate everything in public and government property associated with these presidents? If we start removing Confederate statues, then I think we should. How many people who fought for the South during the Civil War didn’t own slaves, but were fighting to save their land?

Rebel tombstones next?

Enough is enough. First, it was that all Confederate flags need to come down. Now, it’s the statues. What’s next, Confederate tombstones from the cemeteries? Make raising cotton illegal? That certainly brings back bad memories. On and on we go. We keep catering to the whims of others who demand change but won’t change themselves.

Erasing Confederacy

I’d be careful with this practice of changing history. If we erase the Confederacy from memory, then it will be as if slavery never existed. Won’t that be nice to not pay any more reparations?

Bonded brewery?

Is the Hofbräuhaus project bonded? If not, it seems it would be a lack of fiduciary responsibility on the mayor and city attorney.

Tracking opioids

I’m calling about the doctors under-utilizing the prescription drug tracking programs. One of the reasons that doctors probably declined to participate is that it is just another intrusion of government into their private practices. I’m sure that they wouldn’t have made it this far, the majority of them, without knowing how to prescribe responsibly. You should look at the billions of illegal drugs being smuggled into the United States every day. It’s not just the doctors. Addicts have a choice too — to use or to get help. People need to remember that before pointing fingers.

Replace the stinkers

Washington Park stinks. Come smell for yourself. Rickie Thomas — Stinkville. Willie Ray — Stinker No. 1. Debra Moore — Stinker No. 2. Ferris Williams — Stinker No. 3. Clyde Stonehead Jackson — Stinker No. 4. James Madkins — Stinker No. 5. Mary McKinney — Stinker No. 6. Rosetta Gosa — Stinker No. 7. It’s sad to see the Park like this. Who wants to live here other than Rickie Thomas and his bunch. Next election, let’s try to replace all of them.