Letters to the Editor

‘Will my letter pass the rational test?’

All of us letter writers need to ask, “If discussed nationwide, will my letter pass the rational test?” Gene Robke’s letter about President Donald Trump’s recent foreign visit appears to flunk this test. Mr. Trump did not bow to the Saudi king; he lowered his head to receive a medal, as he is much taller than the king. He was right in his NATO speech, standing in their $1 billion headquarters building, paid mostly by U.S. taxpayers, that NATO countries pay their fair share for mutual defense. He did not reveal Israel as the source of information; it has been denied, and the leak is being investigated. Who reported that he “wandered off aimlessly” during his meeting in Israel? He’s treated Israel with more respect in six months than President Barack Obama did in eight years. Enough of bloody severed heads, calls for assassination and plays simulating the murder of our president.

Phil Henning, Smithton