Letters to the Editor

This is criminal

“Pathetic” is the one printable word I can think of after reading East St. Louis District 189 will no longer be graduating high school students based on academic achievements. Instead, they will go to a “competency-based” graduation program in 2018. Evidently the District 189 teachers can’t teach students the basic skills of reading, writing, or rudimentary math. So they will teach “competency.” Like the teachers will make great role models (ha, ha). Incompetency testing should be given to the teachers and 189 staff who allowed this to happen. Include part-time, full salary director of HR, Latoya Greenwood, since she hired the incompetents.

State Superintendent Tony Smith stated only 46 percent of the students in the State of Illinois currently demonstrate college level skills. So 10 Districts in Illinois figured if you can’t educate them, give them a High School Competency Diploma. I understand one of the competency skills will require students to pull their pants up to your waste! Flunked already!

This is criminal. It should be unlawful to graduate students, who do not possess the basic education necessary to obtain a good job or provide for a family. Tens of millions of educational tax dollars pour into District 189 annually, and all these kids get is competency diploma? The students and parents of these students should be irate. When the uneducated unskilled kids can’t find a job, they can carry their competency diploma to the welfare office.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon