Letters to the Editor

Pulling out of Paris Accord was extremely shortsighted

I don’t think many can remember a time when America was not a world leader. Certainly after 1941 we seized the leadership role and moved out of isolationism. Or allies respected us and worked with us for common goals, the most important being the prevention of a nuclear war. The most important goal for today’s nations is mitigating the effects of climate change. The president just pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord. We have just given up our leadership role among nations as others like China and/or the European Union will fill the void and forge ahead with new technologies to deal with climate change as the U.S. stands isolated and a second rate nation. Pulling out of the Paris Accord was extremely shortsighted and likely just a political move by the president to appeal to his base in order to keep the present far-right regime in power. The president damaged our national standing and the planet in one move. The president and the people he has appointed are anti-intellectuals who do not understand science and cannot reason the harm they are doing. Many cities, states, and corporations in America see this and have vowed to press on with climate change initiatives. The U.S. military briefed the president about the significant and direct risks of climate change including the likelihood of international or civil conflict, state failure, mass migration, and international instability. The president’s isolationism, nationalism, anti-intellectualism, and shortsightedness will further stress the planet and lead to war.

Paul Neff, O’Fallon