Letters to the Editor

Some of us are licensed to pack heat

James Hodgkinson, Belleville resident and fervent Bernie Sanders supporter and Donald Trump hater, got to assume room temperature from lead poisoning when he decided to shoot all the Republicans he could while they practiced baseball for a charity game. Dear James, one of many uptight, insane lefties of the Democrat Party blamed all the disorder of the universe on Trump and anyone who was a Republican. Helped along to action by the leftist organizations and media who recommend violence against conservatives and Trump. I am glad he got his ass shot up. Democrats have been planting these seeds of hate since Clinton, and were overachieved by Obama. But never fear all you lefties, the media and the Democrats will spin poor James’s demise because he was the actual victim because he wouldn’t have done this if it hadn’t been for conservatives like me, Rush Limbaugh, Trump (who is not really a conservative), and anyone claiming to be a Republican. Guys like James who want to do the same thing should be aware that we’re not all Quakers and that some of us are licensed to pack heat.

Love and kisses!

Brent Rains, Collinsville