Letters to the Editor

Climate change is real

Mark Godwin of Lebanon responded to my letter to the editor. I was pleased to see that he read the whole letter. I feel compelled to address some of his points.

The fact that there were climate disasters before smokestack industries existed in no way disproves the physics and warming that is causing current climate disasters.

I could not find the recent National Geographic story he referenced. He and others misrepresented what John Kerry said. See https://share.america.gov/kerry-urges-ambitious-agreement-at-paris-climate-talks/.

George Shultz, who was part of the Reagan administration, helped write both the Climate Leadership Council and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s proposals. The origin of the proposals is not from a leftist agenda but from conservative economists.

Mark Godwin and the readers should watch Katharine Hayhoe’s “Global Weirding” short videos starting with “How do we know this climate change thing is even real?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m50bYJX2i6I

Ronald G. Trimmer, chair of Southern Illinois Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby