Letters to the Editor

Pray that Democrats stop using evil to gain political advantage

Fellow patriots, the liberal establishment apparently thinks we are brain dead. Leftists in government with media allies strive to deceive us by reciting the latest contrived Trump scandal with uncontrolled emotion. The 24/7 political left asserts its obsessive hatred for President Donald Trump with vicious daily attacks demanding his removal from office. Obviously their mission is to sustain the socialist invasion of the Obama administration by any means including violence. This cancer is metastasizing in the Democrat Party.

We know the Obama administration installed deep state operators inside our intelligence agencies and Justice Department to shield its own and Hillary Clinton’s lawlessness. The well-placed moles now produce and leak anti-Trump propaganda for media streaming as breaking news. With deep swamp vipers still masked and hiding, fired FBI Director James Comey slithered out to openly leak his crafted attack notes on conversations with the president.

We know that Obama pushed Islamization of American Schools with mass migration of Muslims who tolerate Islamic violence and resist assimilation into American culture. Leftist entertainment, social media and so called art call for and depict assassinating the president in sick bloodthirsty Jihadist fashion. This insanity is killing Americans.

We know the man who shot up the DC Republican baseball practice is a Bernie Sanders socialist. We know far left and Islamic violence are ominous threats to our freedom. We must pray that Democrats and Muslims will actively reject, resist and stop using evil as the tip of the spear to gain political advantage.

Ron Davinroy, O’Fallon

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