Letters to the Editor

The scar will be reopened every year

It was the day before Father’s Day, and I figured I’d spend some time on the sidewalk outside the Hope abortion clinic in Granite City. I didn’t say anything; I usually don’t (there are those who are better at it). But I wanted to be there for them, for the unloved children. It was busy, as usual, but this day more dads seemed to be in attendance. Oh, I suppose they didn’t make the obvious connection that they were fathers already, but eventually the painful knowledge will come and, along with their mates they’ll have a holiday attached so the scar can be reopened each and every year. Also on the Saturday scene were some blue-smocked volunteers who seemed to delight in escorting mothers from their cars into the building, in order to do the unthinkable. Many of these accomplices come from local universities.

Once again, please remember that abortion, unlike the horrid institution of slavery, which was grandfathered into the republic, was forced upon us by a few progressive elites in high places. Claiming some sort of moral superiority the fruits of their planting have proven to be nothing more than a repackaged paganism.

But, aside from society’s at large infection, my concern now is for Granite City. I like this town. It has a blue-collar honesty to it, a humbleness to it. And God can work with humble. But it’s hard to bless where evil thrives. Therefore, it’s time for the church to take a stand. Past time.

Robert Edwards, Granite City